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(G-055)   Phantom Festival Balls, 6 Pack (Case Pack:15/6)
A sensational fireworks kit. Comes complete with a mortar and six reloadable shells with beautiful a..
(G-057)   Copperhead Shell Kit (Case Pack:12/12)
12 different pyrotechnic masterpiece shells with ultra high trajectory. ..
(G-064)   Red, White & Blue Shell Show (Case Pack:12/12)
12-shot mortar kit featuring all red, white, and blue various effects. ..
(G-087A) Grucci High Compression Shells (Case Pack: 4/24)
Powerful mortar and shell kit. 24 Shells burst into assorted colors with famous Grucci effects. ..
(G-168)   Deuces Wild, 16 Shell Kit (Case Pack:6/16)
Features spectacular huge double break effects. Gorgeous bursts with awesome crackle, huge lift and ..
(G-171)   Wolf Pack Double Star Shells(Case Pack:12/8)
Two huge bursts from each of the eight shells in the Wolfpack Doublestar reloadable. The blasts are:..
(G-186)   Cherry Bomb Mortar Kit(Case Pack:6/12)
This 12 shell mortar kit features multiple colors and break patterns, and it’s a Cherry Bomb b..
(G-199)   Aerial Artistry Shell Kit (Case Pack:12/12)
In a nod to European designers, this 12-shell mortar kit has green, red, gold, purple and lemon-yell..
(G-200A)   Wolf Pack High Performance Shells (Case Pack:12/6)
Assorted special effect shells with high altitude. Sensational!        ..
(G-214)   Fear No Evil, 5 Break Shells(Case Pack:6/6)
A truly sophisticated mortar kit that fires 6 inch long, multi-effect shells over 120 feet into the ..
(G-215)   Radical Recoil Shells(Case Pack:6/12)
Just like the name says, this kit hits hard - so hard in fact that we had to put 2 launch tubes in t..
(G-239)   Whistling Buster Kit (Case Pack:12/6)
Whistling Buster Shells are loud and with whistling and bursts of color; including multi-color peoni..
(G-255A)   Crackling Artillery Shell (Case Pack:12/6)
Multi-color bursts and crackling effects will thrill your crowd. These shells fly high! ..
(G-277) Wolfpack Color Changing Shell, 12 Piece (Case Pack: 12/12)
12 assorted color changing shells. Two pieces each, blue to red, blue to silver glitter, purple to g..
(G-801)   Mini-Bomb Artillery Shell, 6 Pc.(Case Pack:12/6)
6 piece reloadable mortar kit. See bonus chart for more details. ..