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(G-050) Skyfest Panorama Shells (Case Pack: 12/8)
Multi-colored bursts with various strobe and crackle effects. ..
(G-087A) Grucci High Compression Shells (Case Pack: 4/24)
Powerful mortar and shell kit. 24 Shells burst into assorted colors with famous Grucci effects. ..
(G-100)   Aerial Rampage Shells, 12 Pack(Case Pack:6/12)
Shells so beautiful you will hate to fire them. The box contains one tube and 12 cylindrical shells...
(G-217) Wolfpack Cannister Shell Kit (Case Pack: 4/24)
24 high flying powerful shells with a wide variety of colors, effects and loud massive breaks! Wa..
(G-222)   Silver Salute Show, 18 Pcs.(Case Pack:4/18)
A fan favorite, the Silver Salute show has 18 different effects in each of the 18 silver tubes. Effe..
(G-246A)   Exterminator Shell Kit (Case Pack:4/18)
Exterminator Shell Kit 4-18 Canister kit with assorted effects. Super loud. ..
(G-265) Dual Layer Cannister Shell (Case Pack: 8/12)
New Grucci assorted canister shells that feature both mine effect going up and awesome aerial b..
(G-275)   Excalibur Shells, 24 Pack(Case Pack:6/24)
24 Piece powerful canister shells with assorted effects and colors. ..
(G-328) Gold Standard Canister (Case pack: 12/12)
Premium reloadable kit wih 12 unique shells. 1- green wave silver glitter 2- time rain chrysanthemum..
(G-394) Continuum, 24 Piece Shell Kit (Case Pack: 4/24)
Continuum contains 24 specially designed artillery shells that allow for maximum effect with 4 launc..
(G-430) Artillery Canister Shell ( Case Pack 12/6)
Artillery Canister Shell Kit comes complete with a mortar and six reloadable shells with beauti..
(G-702)   Lock and Load Kit, 24 Pack (Case Pack:4/24)
Showtime Brand: This box containers 24 power-packed, MAXIMUM LOAD Canister Shells of which the quali..
(G-704)   Grucci Cannister Shells(Case Pack:6/6)
Six powerful cannister shell effects; 1) purple, green and yellow dahlia: 2) blue dahlia/white strob..
(G-733) Pro Canister Shell (Case Pack: 6/24)
Canister shell kit with 24 different effects. 1- red willow light blue and light yellow 2- red willo..