(G-159) Pyrotechnic Pulverizer, 33 Shot (Case Pack:3/1)

(G-159)   Pyrotechnic Pulverizer, 33 Shot (Case Pack:3/1)
Brand: .Phantom
Product Code: G-159
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The Pyrotechnic Pulverizer is a powerful 500-gram repeater with professionally designed effects featuring brocade, crackles, fish and red chrysanthemums. The first five shots are fired in sequence, ending in large gold willow breaks, sparkling along their branches as they spread out. The next five shots end in green breaks with crackle. The next five are all-crackle breaks. The next group of five ends in a mixture of blue stars, gold flying fish and crackle. Then another two groups of five ends in a mixture of green stars, silver flying fish, and crackle. Finally, three large shots are fired all at once with bright silver comets that end in nice, large dahlia breaks of red stars with silver trails.

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