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(A-033)   #200/ #300 Grucci Shells Power Pack (Case Pack:3/6)
Assorted aerial shell collection featuring six top Grucci fireworks: #200 golden willow, # 200 crown..
(G-016)   Mineshell Mayhem, 16 Shot (Case Pack:8/1)
This is a spectacular and dazzling piece that has no shells -- every shot is a mine, which is a blas..
(G-087A) Grucci High Compression Shells (Case Pack: 4/24)
Powerful mortar and shell kit. 24 Shells burst into assorted colors with famous Grucci effects. ..
(G-134)   3 Inch Red, White and Blue, 9 Shot (Case Pack:2/1)
Timed bursts feature America's colors and a spectacular crackling finale. big 3-inch core gives ..
(G-155)   High Performance Display, Grucci, 33 Shot (Case Pack:3/1)
The High Performance Display is 500 powerful grams of green glitter, gold crackle flying fish and fa..
(G-220)   N.Y. Harbor Show Kit(Case Pack:4/20)
20-piece kit with cylindrical and round shells. The consumer version of shells from an American fire..
(G-265) Dual Layer Cannister Shell (Case Pack: 8/12)
New Grucci assorted canister shells that feature both mine effect going up and awesome aerial b..
(G-602)   #200 Golden Willow, Grucci(Case Pack:24/1)
Awesome long lasting gold willow tree with report. ..
(G-603)   #200 Gold Willow(Case Pack:24/1)
Awesome long lasting gold willow tree with report. ..
(G-604)   #200 Crown Brocade, Grucci(Case Pack:24/1)
Awesome single shot Grucci tube with crown brocade effect. ..
(G-605)   #200 Silver/Green Wave(Case Pack:24/1)
Powerful expanding circle turning green. ..
(G-606)   #300 Brocade Silver/Green(Case Pack:24/1)
Single shot tube with silver umbrella shell changing to green brocade effect. ..
(G-607)   #300 Park Avenue Peony Barrage(Case Pack:24/1)
Powerful bursting peony flower pattern with reporting firecrackers. ..
(G-640)   9 Shot Palm Tree Finale (Case Pack: 4/1)
Spectacular 2-inch nine shot rack featuring 5 dual color breaks followed by 2 double volleys of enor..
(G-650)   #500 Red Dahlia(Case Pack:12/1)
The Round Red Dahlia gives a tremendous thump and powerful lift. The shell releases a huge break wit..
(G-651)   #500 Silver Crackling Palm (Case Pack:12/1)
A very powerful lift with gold sparks as it ascends. It breaks into a "dragon egg" effect,..
(G-652)   #500 Fluorescent Yellow(Case Pack:12/1)
Awesome lemon-yellow burst with spectacular diameter and height, Grucci designed. Watch Video ..
(G-653)   #500 Fluorescent Purple(Case Pack:12/1)
Huge purple peony shell! ..
(G-656)   #500 Charcoal Palm w/ Pink Tips (Case Pack:12/1)
Big charcoal palms with pink tips. Watch Video ..
(G-665)   #500 Charcoal Palm, 9 Shot Rack (Case Pack:2/1)
Loads of firepower in this finale rack! Charcoal gold palms with color tips. Try this new Grucci exc..
(G-675) Grucci Palm To Willow Spectacular (Case Pack: 2-1)
Awesome silver palms that change to gold willows with red, green, and orange core. Finishes with bar..
(G-680)   #500 Grucci 9 Shot Rack (Case Pack:2/1)
Assorted #500 effects silver crackling palm, flourescent purple bombshell, flourescent yellow bombsh..
(G-682)   #500 9 Shot Rack Fluorescent (Case Pack:2/1)
9 shot powerful rack featuring beautiful fluorescent color breaks with vibrant colorful effects! ..
(G-704)   Grucci Cannister Shells(Case Pack:6/6)
Six powerful cannister shell effects; 1) purple, green and yellow dahlia: 2) blue dahlia/white strob..