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(G-203)   #500 Red, White & Blue Shell (Case Pack:12/1)
Perfect for your next 4th of July celebration! Powerful patriotic high-altitude burst of red, white ..
(G-246A)   Exterminator Shell Kit (Case Pack:4/18)
Exterminator Shell Kit 4-18 Canister kit with assorted effects. Super loud. ..
(G-327) Survivor, 25 Shot (Case Pack: 4/1)
25 shots of gold crackling comets rise to giant crackling palms with green, blue and purple tips and..
(G-357)   750 Shot Saturn Battery(Case Pack:2/1)
The biggest saturn missile on the market! Combined effects with first 450 shots of whistling tails &..
(G-425) Megabanger Mini 1" Canister Shells (Case Pack: 12/6)
Mini canister Mega Banger brand assorted artillery shells. ..
(G-465) Boomshakalocka Mortar Kit (Case Pack: 12/12)
Megabanger brand 12 kit mortar shells. Effects, Grass green, Orange, Ruby red, Purple, Sea blue, Lem..
(G-714) Deep Impact, 9 Shot (Case Pack: 4/1)
Megabanger brand, 500 gram class, 9 powerful shots of sky blue with silver strobe, purple and green ..
(G-717) Wild, 16 Shot (Case Pack: 4/1)
Mega Banger Brand - 16 shot seablue, red and silver dahlia and silver chrysanthemum, seablue, r..
(G-718) Bait A Hook (16 Shot) (Case Pack: 12/1)
16 shots of color beads with gold glitter, finale 4 shots of king brocade with gold glitter.  ..
(G-719) Breaker (16 Shot) (Case Pack: 12/1)
16 shot red tail to red and chrysanthemum, green tail to green and chrysanthemum, blue tail to blue ..
(G-721) Hog Heaven,11 Shot (Case pack: 8/1)
11 shot red tail to red beads with silver glitter, green tail to blue beads with gold glitter, silve..
(G-723) Just Bad, 16 Shot (Case Pack: 4/1)
Mega Banger Brand - The round brocade crown always changes to red, green or blue pearls on the ..
(M-067)   Sky Lantern - Assortment Color (Case Pack:100/1)
Glowing lantern floats ceremonially up to the heavens. ..