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(G-036G) #5 Blue To Silver Wave Shell (Case Pack: 36/1)
Shell effects are blue pearl to silver wave. ..
(G-036J) #5 Brocade To Green Shell (Case Pack: 36/1)
New For 2017 - #5 size shell with brocade turning to green shell. great lift for this sized shell. ..
(G-037)   Strategic Air Defense, 158 Shot(Case Pack:1/1)
Our Z-style aerial repeater fires continuous volleys of red to white glitter cascades with whistles,..
(G-039)   Whistling Pandemonium, 180 Shot(Case Pack:1/1)
The firing pattern of the Whistling Phandemonium is intense as the shots shriek and move rapidly bac..
(G-040)   Golden Pyro Fusion, 18 Shot (Case Pack:6/1)
This 500 gram cake alternates between two types of shots. One shot is a big gold comet which goes up..
(G-041)   New Yorker Salute, 36 Shot(Case Pack:4/1)
A 36-shot 500-gram aerial repeater, the New Yorker Salute Finale is one of the original Phantom 500-..
(G-042)   Pyrotechnic Motherlode, 16 Shot(Case Pack:4/1)
This 16-shot 500-gram aerial repeater shoots up red crackle, blue crackle and white crackle, then pr..
(G-043)   Untamed Retribution, 16 Shot(Case Pack:4/1)
This 16-shot aerial repeater shoots up green stars with timed rain effect and produces a spectacular..
(G-044A)   Sea Sparrow Missiles, 91 Shot (Case Pack:24/1)
Each missile has a whistling trajectory with a crackling tail following. The shots fire one at a tim..
(G-048)   Pandemonium, 205 Shot(Case Pack:2/1)
Our Z-style aerial repeater fires continuous volleys of red, white and blue repeating pearls in a ra..
(G-049)   Komodo 3000 Finale, 119 Shot(Case Pack:1/1)
Physically one of the largest consumer cakes ever made, with a length of about 28 inches, a width of..
(G-050) Skyfest Panorama Shells (Case Pack: 12/8)
Multi-colored bursts with various strobe and crackle effects. ..
(G-051)   Mighty Mite's Mortar Kit (Case Pack: 24/6)
This six-pack mini re-loadable kit produces three different effects. Two shells produce red and gree..
(G-052)   Crack The Sky, 20 Shot(Case Pack:4/1)
Three different shades of blue highlight the 20-shot Crack The Sky. The first is a sea-blue color th..
(G-055)   Phantom Festival Balls, 6 Pack (Case Pack:15/6)
A sensational fireworks kit. Comes complete with a mortar and six reloadable shells with beautiful a..
(G-056)   Magical Barrage, 100 Shot (Case Pack:10/4)
Rapidly shoots 100 assorted shots of color balls into the air. ..
(G-057)   Copperhead Shell Kit (Case Pack:12/12)
12 different pyrotechnic masterpiece shells with ultra high trajectory. ..
(G-058)   Double Take Finale Rack(Case Pack:2/1)
Entertain the crowd with a big flourish! Double-break rack has high-flying and brilliant colors that..
(G-059)   Wolf Pack Finale Spectacular, 9 Shot(Case Pack:2/1)
9 silver comets rise up with spectacular double burst chrysanthemum and wave effects and a crackling..
(G-061) 504 Shot Saturn Battery (Case Pack: 2/1)
Big, powerful and loud whistling missile effects! Red and green tail with whistling to crackling sil..
(G-062)   Strobe Spectacular, 20 Shot (Case Pack:6/1)
A colorful 20-shot repeater features great strobe effects, which twinkle without making noise. Each ..
(G-063A)   Kona Gold, 10 Shot(Case Pack:4/1)
Crackling mines with gold willows; red, green and purple with crackle center then gold to blue willo..
(G-064)   Red, White & Blue Shell Show (Case Pack:12/12)
12-shot mortar kit featuring all red, white, and blue various effects. ..
(G-065)   Barbarian Blast, 25 Shot (Case Pack:12/1)
A 25-shot absolute powerhouse of whirling white comets that shoot into the sky and then burst with l..
(G-070)   Warm Greeting, 61 Shot (Case Pack:12/1)
61 shot cake of assorted color pearls with reports. ..