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(F-052)   Seismic Wave Crackers, 6 Pack(Case Pack:24/6)
6 pack collection of over-sized crackers ..
(F-068) Chinatown 4582 Strip All Red Firecrackers (Case Pack: 3/4582)
A roll of 4582 Chinatown All Red Firecrackers. Perfect for celebrating the Chinese New Year. ..
(F-080)   Crackling Ball, 6 Pc. Bag (Case Pack:16/12/6)
Round firecracker-type ball with crackling and flashing effects. ..
(F-082Q) Crackling Silver Salute 12 Piece PDQ (Case Pack: 48/12
Legal version of the Silver salute. Loud firecrackers. ..
(F-083Q) Crackling Silver Salute 36 Piece PDQ (Case Pack: 24/36
Legal version of the Silver salute. Loud firecrackers. ..
(G-009)   Garden in Spring, 9 Shot (Case Pack:40/1)
This is a classic first-stage fountain that is followed by six bright floral breaks and report! ..
(G-011)   Wizard Of Ahhhs, 25 Shot (Case Pack:4/1)
The Wizard of Ahhs has colorful clusters of green glitter willows, red flying fish, red glitter will..
(G-012)   Happy Fireworks, Med., 16 Shot (Case Pack:48/1)
16 shots of assorted swirling floral bursts with reports. Red and green pearls alternate.   ..
(G-013A)   Large Happy Planets, 36 Shot (Case Pack:24/1)
There's plenty of action from this 36-shot classic Aerial Extravaganza repeater with swirling fl..
(G-015)   Bada Bing, Bada Boom, 19 Shot (Case Pack:4/1)
Bada Bing Bada Boom provides powerful color and timed rain bursts featuring loud palm tree breaks wi..
(G-018)   Color Pearl, 48 Shot (Case Pack:20/4)
48 Shots of assorted color pearls that go 30 ft in the air. ..
(G-019)   Color Pearl, 96 Shot (Case Pack:10/4)
96 assorted color pearls and a glittering finale with report! ..
(G-020)   225 Phantom Missile Base (Case Pack:12/1)
This is a very long lasting 225-shot aerial barrage that shoots up loud serpent white shots that whi..
(G-021)   Kaleidoscope, 8 Shot (Case Pack:50/1)
8 shot repeater bursting in a kaleidoscope of colors.       ..
(G-023C)   Platinum Pyro-Fusion, 18 Shot (Case Pack:8/1)
19 shots of silver bursts with silver comets then silver fish. ..
(G-024)   Walloping Warheads, 12 Shot (Case Pack:12/1)
This unique 12-shot aerial repeater fires fiery warheads, with trailing white crackle, screaming to ..
(G-025)   Saturn Battery, 25 Shot (Case Pack:30/4)
25 successive whistling missiles fly loudly skyward then explode with reports. Can be heard from mil..
(G-026)   Saturn Battery, 100 Shot (Case Pack:30/1)
100 successive whistling shrilling missiles fly skyward then explode with reports. Can be heard from..
(G-028)   Let Freedom Ring, 10 Shot (Case Pack:4/1)
Beautiful rings of blue, green, gold brocade and brocade waves are capped with grand silver strobe f..
(G-029)   Flying Aerial Circus, 63 Shot (Case Pack:4/1)
"Z" style aerial repeater. An eye-opener! Assorted colors of crackling comets. Red, green,..
(G-030)   Burst and Bloom, 8 Shot (Case Pack:4/1)
Red wave crossette; green glitter purple wave crossette; silver glitter-purple wave crossette & ..
(G-031)   Silver Sonic Warheads, 12 Shot (Case Pack:12/1)
The 12-shot Silver Sonic Warheads serves up 12 separate shots of green pearls shooting skyward with ..
(G-034)   Vapor Trails, 96 Shot (Case Pack:12/1)
96 panoramic shots of red, green, blue and yellow color pearls ending with a loud crackling finale. ..
(G-035)   Tunguska Blast, 30 Shot (Case Pack:4/1)
30 shots of red, green, yellow, blue, purple dahlia with white strobe ending with brocades and crack..
(G-036A) #5 Thunderstorm Shell (Case Pack: 36/1)
Loud crackling with golden tail ..