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(A-043)   Thunderfest Finale (Case Pack:1/1)
A special pyrotechnician-selected assortment of our best performing floral tubes and aerial repeater..
(A-046B)   Aerial Barrage (Case Pack:3/1)
An assortment of six of our best aerial repeaters loaded with outstanding effects! Includes the 90 s..
(A-048)   Phantom Mania Assortment (Case Pack:1/1)
This pyrotechnician-inspired assortment features many of our larger, exclusive items including Flash..
(A-049)   Phantom Classic '6' - 19 Shoot Repeater Assortment (Case Pack:2/6)
Phantom Classic 19 Shot Repeater assortment: Platinum Pyro-Fusion, Molotov Cocktail, Umbrella's ..
(A-474) Phantom Fire Blast Assortment (Case Pack: 2/1
Phantom Fireblast Assortment is loaded with Roman Candles, Wolfpack High Performance Shell kit, 200 ..
(A-479) New Yorker Fountain Assortment Tray (Case Pack: 3/1)
New York Legal! This assortment is jammed full with 21 high performing fountains of Firecracker, Mad..
(A-510)   Phantom Elite Assortment (Case Pack:1/1)
Phantom Eleite Assortment. The name says it all. Standing just under 5 feet tall this huge assortmen..
(B-076)   Firework Prism Glasses (Case Pack:50/1)
Holographic lenses that create spectral 3-D like bursts for enhancing viewing of backyard, or profes..
(B-094)   #36 Morning Glory (Case Pack:36/6)
36 inch long burning flitter sparkler that burns with many colors with a torch-like effect. Case pac..
(B-1031)   Halloween Shipper Display (Case Pack:1/1)
A Halloween floor shipper packed with large and small Halloween snaps , Pumpkin Poppers,and fun Hall..
Floor display containing SAFE N SANE items, Phantom Starlight assortment bags, Large Wolfpack snaps,..
Floor Display containing Phantom Zombie Smoke assortment bags, Large Wolfpack Snaps, Assorted color ..
(B-470)   Party Popper 12 Piece Bag Display (Case Pack:144/12)
Party Popper bag floor display of 144 bags with 12 party poppers in each poly bag with decorative he..
(C-007)   Phantom 6 Assorted Candles (Case Pack: 24/6)
An assortment of 10 ball roman candles consisting of 10 Gun Lilling Salaute, 10 Ball Liu Yang Candle..
(C-012A)   10 Ball Phantom Candle (Case Pack:24/6)
10 repeating assorted brilliant multi-color shots. Phantom's version of the classic candle. ..
(C-014A)   10 Ball Candle w/ Report, Phantom(Case Pack:36/4)
10 shot volleys ending with a loud report. ..
(C-020)   Flashing Thunder, 8 Shot (Case Pack:24/6)
Shoots stars with extra loud report. ..
(C-024C)   10 Ball Colored Pearl(Case Pack:36/4)
10 shot volleys of colored pearls. ..
(C-029A)   Wolf Pack Crackling Candle(Case Pack:24/6)
High power silver balls with crackling comet tails. An outstanding performer! ..
(C-030)   Strobing Comet Candle(Case Pack:24/4)
The first candle to feature strobing comet tails in red, green, silver and gold. ..
(C-032)   Red, White & Blue Candle, 8 Shot(Case Pack:24/2)
8 shot red, white & blue long distance candle. ..
(C-038)   10 Ball Blue Candle(Case Pack:24/6)
Shoots 10 rare dazzling blue colored pearls with firecracker report finale. Unique because of the bl..
(C-039)   10 Ball Long Rifle(Case Pack:24/6)
Most powerful! 10 shots of ultra-colorful balls hurl an extra far distance. Unique for the length of..
(C-040A)   8 Ball Flashing Thunder S/R(Case Pack:24/6)
Maximum load with candle report. Item includes 6 pieces. ..
(C-045)   Barrage Fire Candle, 190 Shot(Case Pack:15/1)
190 shot assorted color pearls with gold comet tails. ..