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(M-055Q)   Blooming Flower (Case Pack:12/1)
Spectacular novelty with silver whistle spray and six blossoming flower petals with red, green and b..
(M-061) Tank With Star (Case Pack: 60/4)
Battle tested tank sprays sparks from its guns. ..
(N-008) #5 Red, White & Blue Parachute with Army Man (Case Pack:36/1)
Powerful lift bursts with giant red, white and blue parachute with crackle. ..
(N-012)   Double Day Parachute(Case Pack:48/6)
The Double Night launches two separate parachutes that gently float down carrying colored flares. Ve..
(N-013) Double Night Parachute(Case Pack:48/6)
Shoots two parachutes that drop ladyfinger firecrackers..
(N-015) Jumbo Double Day Parachute (Case Pack:24/6)
Shoots giant parachute with 7 assorted color pearls ..
(N-016) 101st Airborne Troopers (Case Pack: 12/4)
Daytime Parachute - Whistling effects with toy soldier attached floating down. ..
(N-017)   Parachute w/ 7 Lights (Case Pack:18/6)
Shoots giant parachute with 7 assorted color pearls. ..
(N-029) Jumbo 3 Day Parachute (Case Pack:12/6)
Shoots three giant sized parachutes high into the air. ..
(N-035)  Airborne Troop Parachutes (Case Pack:18/6)
Parachute opens carrying whistling spinner through the air.  ..
(O-007)   Smiley Face Rocket (Case Pack:20/4)
Five rockets with two effect burst; 1) red peony/crackling palm; 2) blue peony/crackling palm...
(O-010)  Big Burst Ballistic, 5 Pack (Case Pack:16/5)
These powerful rockets have a double-effect burst; red peony / crackling palm, and then blue peony /..
(O-011)   Butterfly Rocket (Case Pack:72/6)
Butterfly rocket effects are color stars ending with a report.       ..
New For 2017 -  ..
(O-014)  Four Horsemen Assortment (Case Pack:20/4)
Six different effects! High altitude rockets!Red & green crackling waveSilver tail to red & silver g..
(O-017)   Pyro Pinnacle Rockets, 6 Pack (Case Pack:18/6)
Five effects-1) butterfly; 2) red ring chrysanthemum flower pistil; 3) green wave ring; 4) silver ri..
(O-018) Cyber Surge Rocket (Case Pack:20/5)
Five effects include buttefly, red ring chrysanthemum, green wave ring, silver ring/green strobe, bl..
(O-025)   Vector-9 Rockets, 9 Piece Assortment Package. (Case Pack:12/9)
Powerful collection of 9 unique effects in three different size rockets makes this a must have for t..
(O-026A)   Fierce Tiger Rocket, 12 Pack (Case Pack:36/12)
This dandy shrieks high into the air with orange comet tail and a big color burst at the top. ..
(O-027)  T0546 Assortment Rockets (Case Pack:36/12)
Assorted 4 ounce rockets of Clustering bees, Butterflies, Glittering light, and Wild geese rockets. ..
(O-035W)  4 Oz. Assortment Wolf Pack (Case Pack:36/12)
Excellent height and assorted performances are featured in the Best of the Class 6 oz. Rocket assort..
(O-037W)  6 Oz. Assortment Wolf Pack (Case Pack:36/12)
The best multi-effect rockets in the 8 oz. class in the USA. Features outstanding height and perform..
(O-039W)  8 Oz. Assortment Wolf Pack (Case Pack:36/12)
This extra-large bottle rocket gives you extra altitude and report beyond the average bottle rocket...
(O-041)   Large Moon Traveler (Case Pack:24/6/12)
Whistling Bottle Rockets with Report. Gross=144 Pieces ..
(O-043) Whistling Bottle Rocket w/ Report (Case Pack:20/12/12)
MOON TRAVELERS! This is a three-stage whistling bottle rocket. You'll love this one! Gross=144 p..