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(H-171) Core Reactor Fountain (Case pack: 12/1)
Assorted color stars with silver crackle then sizzling flowers with blue stars and chrysanthemum fin..
(H-173) Hull-A-Blue Fountain (Case Pack: 24/1)
Vibrant gold shower and brilliant blue pearl effects. 1:00 burn time ..
(H-190)   Phantom Crown Jewel (500 Gram) (Case Pack:6/1)
White flower with color pearl, color fountain crackle. Gold Chry fountain, crackle with red pearl. 5..
(H-191)   Phantom Night Owl(Case Pack:18/1)
4 "tricky" whistles with a glowing face, silver chrysanthemum with green, gold, and silver..
(H-194) Welders Flash (Case Pack: 72/5)
Super bright flashes with whistle and color flame. ..
(H-200) Uproar Fountain (Case pack: 24/1)
Fountain effects of red star with silver glitter / Green chrysanthemum with crackle. ..
(H-210) Vibrant Voltage Fountain (Case Pack: 12/1)
Green pearl, gold coconut, white chrysanthemum, to crackling red. Green, yellow, blue  white ch..
(H-213) Point N Shoot Case Pack: (16/1)
Silver shower sprays with green and purple fish, then gold and silver chrysanthemum with bright flas..
(H-214) Lady Liberty Fountain (Case Pack: 24/1)
Color spring followed by a spectrum of color pearls and sizzling golden flower with a finale of silv..
(H-215) Torchbearer Fountain (Case Pack: 60/4)
Assorted red, blue, green, and yellow torches. Approximately 90 sec burn time ..
(H-216) Mulberry Street Mayhem (Case Pack: 6/1)
This fountain has it all! Color flames, strobes with crackle red, red and lemon flowers, green pearl..
(H-217Q) The Phantom Fountain (Case Pack: 12/1)
(H-218) Liberty Torch (Case Pack: 48/3)
Red, white, and blue color torch. Approx. 90 second duration ..
(H-231) Radioactive Spark (Case Pack: 12/1)
Phantom Fireworks fountain. Effects: Green star, yellow flower, gold shower, red green chrysanthemum..
(I-003Q)   Halloween Snaps, 150 Pc. Box (Case Pack:60/1)
Halloween decorative fun snaps containing 150 snaps. Upc coded.       ..
(I-007)   Wolf Pack Snaps, Large (Case Pack:6/50/50)
50 of our 50 piece boxes of large noisy Wolf Pack snaps. Throw them to the ground and watch'em p..
(I-008)   Wolf Pack Snaps, 200 Ct.(Case Pack:60/1)
Kids favorite trick noisemaker. 200 snaps per box. ..
(I-010)   Wolf Pack Snaps, Regular Size (Case Pack:6/50/50)
Throw the wolfpack fun snaps on the ground to produce a bang.  Case pack consists of 6 display..
(I-011)   Joker String Bombs, 12 Pc. Box (Case Pack:6/50/12)
Joker String Bombs - Trick traps, pull the two strings for a small report      ..
(I-012A)   Party Poppers, Flame Proof (Case Pack:20/72)
GREAT FOR WEDDINGS! The hottest party favor of the year. Each box contains 72 of our high-quality Ph..
(I-017A) Chinatown Red Adult Snaps, 20 Piece Box (Case Pack: 10/30/20)
Powerful snap fireworks with LOUD bang!! ..
(I-021) Wedding Poppers (Case Pack: 20/72)
GREAT FOR WEDDINGS! The hottest party favor of the year. Each box contains 72 of our high-quality Ph..
(I-027)   Pyro Torch (5 Minute) (Case Pack:4/20/4)
10-inch torch, or mini-flare, that changes colors as it burns. Can be used for its own performance o..
(I-030)   Magnum Poppers, 36 Pc. Box (Case Pack:20/36)
Party popper that looks like  a pistol shoots colored confetti with a bang. ..
(I-032Q)   Halloween Snaps, 100 Pc. Box (Case Pack:60/1)
Halloween designed large double box of fun snaps containing 100 snaps. Upc coded.    ..