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(G-373)   Heavy Heavy Fuel, 12 Shot (Case Pack:2/1)
Spectacular long lasting 12 shot gold brocades hang in the sky with alternating red and blue pearl t..
(G-396) Here Comes Da Judge, 24 Shot (Case pack: 4/1)
As screaming glittering mines rise up, beautiful palm tree breaks with crackling centers illuminate ..
(G-400) Sizzlin Skyburst 32 Shot (Case Pack: 2/1)
4 crackling strobe mine barrages are followed by 1. Reg/gold with silver strobes. 2. Red/white/blu..
(G-405) Witchcraft, 32 Shot (Case Pack: 2/1)
Unique high arcing red and green comets are separated with 3 volleys: 1. Brocade with silver strobe..
(G-406) July 4th Jubilation, 12 Shot (Case Pack: 8/1)
Red and blue bursts with white strobe, then red dahlia with blue pearl ending with crown brocade wit..
(G-414) Palm Pyro Pageantry Premiere, 25 Shot (Case Pack: 2/1)
Angled red comets shoot back and forth bursting into red or green tipped palm trees with silver stro..
(G-416) Deja Vu, 24 Shot (Case Pack: 12/1)
Back to back sequences start with red and blue stars, white strobe to green and purple stars with ti..
(G-417) Seismic Zone, 30 Shot (Case Pack: 2/1)
Perfectly timed 5 effect two tier mine and aerial burst featuring crackling mines with red peony/sil..
(G-430) Artillery Canister Shell ( Case Pack 12/6)
Artillery Canister Shell Kit comes complete with a mortar and six reloadable shells with beauti..
(G-433) Assault Squad Mortar (Case Pack: 12/12)
This Reloadable Mortar kit contains 12 shells with loud and huge bursts. 1-Red with green gl..
(G-439) 3 Inch 9 Shot Smile More Finale Rack (Case Pack: 2/1)
9 shot rack with double ring, crackling pistils, and smiley face effects ..
(G-443) Fitty Cal 12 Shot (Case Pack: 12/1)
Effects - 12 shots of Gold tail to silver, gold glitter and timed rain, willow with blue pearl. ..
(G-801)   Mini-Bomb Artillery Shell, 6 Pc.(Case Pack:12/6)
6 piece reloadable mortar kit. See bonus chart for more details. ..
(G-814) Voodoo Devils, 30 Shot (Case Pack: 4/1)
Volleys of gold brocade finger mines burst into brocades with alternating red, green and blue pearl ..
(G-815A)   Ultimate 4th Shell Show Kit(Case Pack:6/18)
Six super single effect shells, 3 giant double effect shells and 18 powerful 1.5" canister shel..
(G-818) 3 Inch Crackling Brocade 9 Shot (Case Pack: 2/1)
9 Shots of high altitude bursts that open in spectacular delayed flash crackle. ..
(H-002)   Coral Reef (500 Gram) (Case Pack:6/1)
Beautiful panoramic finale fountain with brilliant, red, green, blue, purple, and white colors and m..
(H-003)   War Drum Fountain (500 Gram) (Case Pack:4/1)
500 gram fountain with red and silver flower, popcorn crackle with green pearls. Watch Video ..
(H-006)   Firecracker Fountain (Case Pack:40/1)
Starts with a spray of blue and gold pearls with some crackling sparks; very nice! Then the crackle ..
(H-009)   Assorted #1 Fountain T1611 (Case Pack:48/6)
Assorted #1 fountains consisting of Golden Paddy, Peacock, Tri-Color, and Silvery Glittering. &nb..
(H-017A)   Happiness Fountain, (Safe-N-Sane)(Case Pack:72/6)
Multi colored fountain with whistle and crackle. Safe-N-Sane       ..
(H-019)   Komodo 3000 Fountain, 500 Grams(Case Pack:4/1)
Spectacular 4 1/2 minute, 500 gram fountain with brilliant combos of colors, whistles and crackles p..
(H-032)   Ninety Second Crackling Assault (Case Pack:36/6)
A barrage that lasts 90 seconds and is filled with loud and pwerful crackle! Lots of effects for you..
(H-035)   5'' Assortment Fountain, 6 Pack(Case Pack:48/6)
Assorted 5 inch fountains consisting of Phoenix Tail Howl, Silver Orchid, and three Color changing. ..
(H-045)   Dragon Tears (Case Pack:12/1)
Spectacular liquid burn effects with flying pearls and crackling finale. Dimensions: 7.5" X ..