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(G-283) Polar Vortex, 14 Shot (Case Pack: 6/1)
Panoramic flights of silver comets rise to red and gold palm with silver glitter, brocade crowns and..
(G-284) 183 Degrees Fahrenheit, 183 Shot (Case Pack: 1/1)
New and spectacular! Fluorescent neon pink sparkling comets with sea blue tips rapidly fill the sky,..
(G-285) Mineshell Mayhem Premiere, 30 Shot (Case Pack: 4/1)
Perfectly timed 5 effect two tier mine and aerial burst featuring crackling mines with red peony/sil..
(G-288) Rhythm & Rock 99 Shot (Case Pack: 2/1)
Swaying back and forth, gold, green and crackling comets with powerful over the top barrages of silv..
(G-296) Popo Magnet, 36 Shot (Case Pack: 4/1)
Assorted strobing dahlia with red, white and blue, gold and green. Red, gold and silver then gold pa..
(G-302)   Battle of Saratoga, 16 Shot (Case Pack:12/1)
Red starburts with white glitter, red chrysanthemums, green starburst with white glitter then golden..
(G-304)   Mighty Cobra, 19 Shot (Case Pack:24/1)
19 shots creating a wall of super loud crackling gold color comet tails. ..
(G-306)   Amped, 25 Shot (Case Pack:4/1)
25 shot mine with aerial combination with gold brocade tails and brocade waves, red to blue pearls, ..
(G-307)   Pulsating Super Cluster, 16 Shot (Case Pack:4/1)
Brilliant red, silver, green and gold strobes with an electric crackle finale! Watch Video Here ..
(G-308) Eye Of The Storm, 16 Shot (Case Pack: 12/1
Red, green and blue comets to silver spinners with purple and white strobe. Green and gold chrysant..
(G-309) Golden Fox, 16 Shot (Case Pack 16/1)
16 shots gold comet tails rise to golden willow waves with a gold strobe finale. ..
(G-311)   Prismatica, 24 Shot (Case Pack:4/1)
Rainbow, orange, gold, green, pink and blue dahlia flower pattern bursts with mine effect. Watch ..
(G-312) Three Pronged Attack (Case Pack: 2/1)
6 Ground to sky barrages, 3 with gold brocade comets. Silver strobe mines. Brocades with silver st..
(G-313)   Fiery Falcons, 16 Shot (Case Pack:12/1)
Very unique high rising comets that turn into aerial spinners and end in brilliant bursts. A red tai..
(G-314)   Big Red One, 12 Shot (Case Pack:4/1)
Vibrant Cardinal red pearls & stars with silver strobes, crackle, green strobes and awesome crac..
(G-315)   Stellar Storm, 12 Shot (Case Pack:4/1)
Brilliant red and ocean blue dahlia. Bursts with twinking white glitter. Watch Video Here ..
(G-316)   Swash Buckler, 72 Shot (Case Pack:2/1)
Brilliant red plum blossoms illuminate sky and finish with red brocade finale! Watch Video Here ..
(G-317)   Half-N-Half Finale (Case Pack:2/1)
This festive finale has giant timed bursts with split effects. These colorful bursts "show off&..
(G-320)   Beehive Barrage, 78 Shot (Case Pack:2/1)
Blue pearls rise of red, green, silver and golden bees with fantastic glitter finale barrage. Wat..
(G-325)   Shriller, 16 Shot (Case Pack:24/1)
High flying whistling comets with crackling tail then silver crackling comet with red or green burst..
(G-328) Gold Standard Canister (Case pack: 12/12)
Premium reloadable kit wih 12 unique shells. 1- green wave silver glitter 2- time rain chrysanthemum..
(G-332)   Autumn Storm, 25 Shot(Case Pack:2/1)
Blue and silver mines coupled with bright silver tourbillion comets lead into a beautiful falling le..
(G-349) License To Thrill, 12 Shot (Case Pack: 2/1)
Spectacular breaks of blue jellyfish, red willows/silver palms, blue to silver glitter and purple st..
(G-354) Wicked Pissa, 30 Shot (Case Pack: 12/1)
Rapid fire brilliant color star bursts to gold brocade crowns with a crackling willow finale. ..
(G-372)   `Neath The Red-White & Blue, 15 Shot (Case Pack:12/1)
15 shot with beautiful patriotic red, white, and blue glitter dahlias. ..