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(G-151)   Crown Brocade Classic, 30 Shot (Case Pack:4/1)
This 500 gram gold classic has gold brocade mines shooting up from the ground and giant weeping gold..
(G-157)   Cirque De Pyrotechnique, 20 Shot (Case Pack:2/1)
The edge shots in the four rows of the Cirque de Pyrotechnique have big, crackling chrysanthemums to..
(G-158)   Halley's Comet, 9 Shot (Case Pack:48/1)
9 shots of white glittering comets.       ..
(G-159)   Pyrotechnic Pulverizer, 33 Shot (Case Pack:3/1)
The Pyrotechnic Pulverizer is a powerful 500-gram repeater with professionally designed effects feat..
(G-160)   X-9 Panoramic Finale, 9 Shot (Case Pack:2/1)
Huge finale bursts timed and angled for panoramic effect; 15 second duration with red to green wave,..
(G-161)   Guns Of Navaronne, 12 Shot (Case Pack:2/1)
As the name implies, the Guns of Navaronne offers 12 big shots that propel heavy pyrotechnic loads o..
(G-165)   Emerald City, 16 Shot (Case Pack:24/1)
A MUST SEE ITEM! • A lot of power in a small package. Green and gold chrysanthemum with glitter..
(G-167)   Military Demolitions, 36 Shot (Case Pack:4/1)
A long-time Phantom Fireworks standout, the Military Demolitions Ordnance has a number of different ..
(G-168)   Deuces Wild, 16 Shell Kit (Case Pack:6/16)
Features spectacular huge double break effects. Gorgeous bursts with awesome crackle, huge lift and ..
(G-169)   Legion of Fire, 9 Shot Rack(Case Pack:2/1)
Save the best for last! #500 maximum power rack has giant assorted color-changing starbursts that fl..
(G-171)   Wolf Pack Double Star Shells(Case Pack:12/8)
Two huge bursts from each of the eight shells in the Wolfpack Doublestar reloadable. The blasts are:..
(G-177)   Powerplay, 25 Shot (Case Pack:12/1)
25 shots of red, white, and green glitter tails rise to crackle, glitter and whistle effects. ..
(G-178)   Wicked Willows, 16 Shot (Case Pack:6/1)
16 sots of whistling color tails to willow-white glitter, willow and red stars-brocade and green gli..
(G-181)   Aerial Arsenal Shell Kit, 54 Shells(Case Pack:1/1)
This amazing kit features every color of the rainbow with multiple color and break pattern combinati..
(G-183)   #500 Double Break Shell(Case Pack:3/4)
A four-pack of No. 500 tubes, the Double Break Shells offer shots of: Blue chrysanthemum; orange peo..
(G-190)   Critical Blast, 12 Shot (Case Pack:4/1)
12 shots of thunder with red to crackle, gold, silver strobes and palm trees. Watch Video Here ..
(G-191)   G-Force, 108 Shot (Case Pack:4/1)
The G-Force offers 108 shots of red flowers, color changing pearls and silver bees shooting in a whi..
(G-195)   Da Bomb, 9 Shot (Case Pack:2/1)
Rivaling some of our bigger racks of fireworks, Da Bomb is a loud and very popular item. The shells ..
(G-199)   Aerial Artistry Shell Kit (Case Pack:12/12)
In a nod to European designers, this 12-shell mortar kit has green, red, gold, purple and lemon-yell..
(G-200A)   Wolf Pack High Performance Shells (Case Pack:12/6)
Assorted special effect shells with high altitude. Sensational!        ..
(G-205A)   #500 Red Wave-Silver Peony(Case Pack:12/1)
A powerful thump and lift keeps you in suspense. As the shell ascends into the air, it opens into a ..
(G-205B)   #500 Green Glitter w/Crackle(Case Pack:12/1)
A powerful thump and lift keeps you in suspense. As the shell ascends into the air, it opens into a ..
(G-205C)   #500 Red Ring Bowtie(Case Pack:12/1)
Improved performance design with a perfect red ring and a blue bow-tie shaped pistil. ..
(G-205D)   #500 Fluorescent Orange(Case Pack:12/1)
High altitude aerial burst with neon orange color. Watch Video ..
(G-205E)   #500 Blue Sea Shell(Case Pack:12/1)
High altitude aerial burst with a sea blue color. Watch Video ..