New For 2017

Check Out  Phantom Fireworks Newest And Hottest Fireworks For 2017

We will be updating this page throughout the year as hundreds of our oversea's fireworks containers hit our loading dock. Be the first to get a look at the new 200 and 500 gram repeaters, reloadable shells, racks, tubes, plus all the other fireworks categories.

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(O-070) Rocket Propulsion (Case Pack: 20/5)
This package consists of 5 multicolor rockets ..
(O-409) Corona Rockets (Case Pack: 36/6)
1. Blue crackling with red star; 2. Lemon stars; 3. Purple to green glitter with crackling; 4. Pink ..
(O-410) Air Force One Rockets (Case Pack: 12/5)
Silver tail to silver flying fish. Dimensions - 31x1-3/4x7/8x7-3/4 in. ..
(O-411) Maximum Altitude Rockets (Case Pack: 12/4)
Reach for the stars as the rockets burst to chrysanthemums and willows at their maximum altitude. 1...
(P-006Q) Smoke Ball Boxed (Case Pack: 70/6)
Assorted clay style color smoke balls with UPC code. ..
(P-007Q) Smoke Ball Boxed (Case Pack: 84/9)
Assorted clay style color smoke balls with UPC code. ..
(P-012) Color Smoke Grenades Display (Case Pack: 6/24)
Pull string colored hand grenade smoke. Red. white, blue, yellow, green, and purple smoke grenades. ..
(P-061) Phantom Smoke Tank (Case Pack: 60/4)
Tank colored in red, white, and blue emitting smoke from its guns. ..
(R-014A) Snakes In The Grass Display (Case Pack: 12/12/1)
These aren't your Grandma's Snakes! Five snakes come to life all at once. Comes in a 12..
(S-010Q) #8 Gold Wire Sparklers PDQ (Case Pack: 60/6)
PDQ display of #8 gold wire sparklers packed 60 bundles with 6 boxes in each bundle containing 6 gol..
(S-019BQ) 14" Morning Glory 2 Box Package PDQ (Case Pack: 54/2)
14 inch long flitter sparkler that burns with many colors with a torch-like effect. ..
(S-057) Rosy Posy Morning Glory Sparkler (Case Pack: 60/12)
Purple, green, silver, red and blue flower sparklers. Morning Glory. Dimensions - 12-5/8x2-1/8x..
(Z-941) 10 Shot Reloadable Mortar Rack (Case Pack: 1/1)
Made with high quality plywood and assembled with screws and staples that are glue dipped for superi..