New For 2017

Check Out  Phantom Fireworks Newest And Hottest Fireworks For 2017

We will be updating this page throughout the year as hundreds of our oversea's fireworks containers hit our loading dock. Be the first to get a look at the new 200 and 500 gram repeaters, reloadable shells, racks, tubes, plus all the other fireworks categories.

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(G-972) Crack Of Dawn 16 Shot (Case Pack: 4/1)
Brothers Pyrotechnics - The most magnificent sky of the day – brocade and gold willows to..
(G-974) Rainbow In A Box 19 Shot (Case Pack: 4/1)
Brothers Pyrotechnics - Spread across the sky - purple tails to red, green, yellow, purple and ..
(G-975) Stop! Look! Listen! 23 Shot (Case Pack: 4/1)
Brothers Pyrotechnics - See and hear rose-red stars, orange palms with silver or glitter, then ..
(G-976) Dream Team 16 Shot (Case Pack: 4/1)
Brothers Pyrotechnics - Break into their stash of fireworks for red, green, and blue stars with..
(G-977) Yin Yang 33 Shot (Case Pack: 4/1)
Brothers Pyrotechnics - Interconnected, interdependent red palms with delayed crackling <>..
(G-978) Smack Dab 27 Shot (Case Pack: 4/1)
Brothers Pyrotechnics BP2657 - Caught in the middle of silver brocade to green glitter, and sil..
(G-979) Zonkers 28 Shot (Case Pack: 4/1)
Brothers Pyrotechnics BP2658 - Go ZONKERS with garnet and sky blue pearls with silver glitter, ..
(G-983) Neutron Bomb 36 Shot (Case pack: 4/1)
Brothers Pyrotechnics BP-A013-2 A big bad blast of comet and flashing tails to bouquets, stars and f..
(G-984) All Star Action 16 Shot Assortment (Case Pack: 2/4)
Brothers Pyrotechnics BP-A020 350g Assortment - 4 cakes - 4 x 16 SHOTS. Multicolored, giltterin..
(G-987) Dustup Fountain Missile Combo (Case Pack: 24/1)
Brothers Pyrotechnics BP4330 - Billowing red and green stars with silver flowers. Whirls of blu..
(G-990) Rubicon Shells (Case Pack: 12 Kits)
Brothers Pyrotechnics BP-AO55 Eighty-eight shells - single, double and triple-break canister an..
(H-145Q) Mini Reloadable Fountain (Case Pack: 24/6)
A 6 pack of reloadable mini fountain with assorted colors and effects.  ..
(H-215) Torchbearer Fountain (Case Pack: 60/4)
Assorted red, blue, green, and yellow torches. Approximately 90 sec burn time ..
(H-216) Mulberry Street Mayhem (Case Pack: 6/1)
This fountain has it all! Color flames, strobes with crackle red, red and lemon flowers, green pearl..
(H-217Q) The Phantom Fountain (Case Pack: 12/1)
(H-218) Liberty Torch (Case Pack: 48/3)
Red, white, and blue color torch. Approx. 90 second duration ..
(H-702) Shining Saucer (Case Pack: 24/1)
Brothers Pyrotechnics BP4243 - Your study of UFOlogy has just broadened to include this firstha..
(H-703) Keg Party (Case Pack: 30/1)
Brothers Pyrotechnics BP4244 - Out of the top of the keg flows golden chrysanthemums with blue ..
(H-704) Rain Maker (Case Pack: 24/1)
Brothers Pyrotchnics BP4249 - Get the showers going with this can of Rain Maker. Red and blue s..
(H-705) Krakatoa (Case Pack: 24/1)
Brothers Pyrotchnics BP4294 - Nothing gets held back with this explosive eruption of red and bl..
(H-709) Sliver Of Sparks (Case Pack: 36/8)
 Small fountain of silver sparks in a dark sky. ..
(M-100) Getaway (Case Pack: 24/1)
Getaway moves with whistles and sends of a shower of sparks. Dimensions - 8-1/2x3-1/2x2-1/2 in...
New For 2017 -  ..
(O-048) Smile More Rocket (Case Pack: 20/5)
ROMAN ATWOOD'S very own rockets, with his signature red smiley, green smiley, purple smiley, sil..
(O-062) Speed Of Light (Case Pack: 20/5)
This assorted ball shell rocket pack has assorted ring effects with a smiley face ..