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We will be updating this page throughout the year as hundreds of our oversea's fireworks containers hit our loading dock. Be the first to get a look at the new 200 and 500 gram repeaters, reloadable shells, racks, tubes, plus all the other fireworks categories.

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(G-938) Knockout Brocade 9 Shot (Case Pack: 2/1)
Brothers Pyrotechnics - Nine huge shots of golden brocade. ..
(G-940) Prime Time 9 Shot (Case pack: 2/1)
Brothers Pyrotechnics 3 inch finale rake of gold stars with crackling and an alternating show of red..
(G-941) Triple Whammy 15 Shot (Case Pack: 4/1)
Three BIG shots of brocade, red stars and silver brocade then a fan of crackling chrysanthemums. Thr..
(G-942) Flip Flop Fly 145 Shot (Case Pack: 2/1)
Loop de loop, flip flop flying away are multiple rows of multi-colored tails and multi-colored stars..
(G-944) Rocket Science 8 Shot (Case Pack: 2/1)
Red tails to red bouquets and blue tails to lemon and cracklinlg stars. Ending with a 2-shot finale ..
(G-945) Southern Comfort 30 Shot (Case Pack: 4/1)
Sit back and drink in the view - quickened shots of silver bouquets with red falling leaves, green f..
(G-946) Tang Dynasty 9 Shot (Case Pack: 4/1)
Brothers 9 shot finale rack. 9 shot rack with multi colored bursts. ..
(G-948) Hit The Road Jack 49 Shot (Case Pack: 4/1)
Hit the road, Jack, but you'll wanna come back for red tails to bouquets, silver tails to bouque..
(G-949) Ragtime 30 Shot (Case Pack: 4/1)
30 shot cake with 5 shots of orange palms w/ green glitter; red palms w/ silver glitter; silver glit..
(G-950) Lotsa Love 23 Shot (Case Pack: 2/1)
Lots to Love - alternating rows of silver tails to silver palms to crackling and red tails to brocad..
(G-951) Graveyard Shift 12 Shot (Case Pack: 2/1)
Deadly serious stuff. Eight sequential shots of gold brocade, blue to silver palms, red glittering w..
(G-952) Rocktacular 12 Shot (Case Pack: 2/1)
This rocks with alternating red, green, yellow and purple stars to silver glitter, ending with a 3-s..
(G-953) Mastermind 12 Shot (Case Pack: 4/1)
All organized into one neat package: red, green, yellow, purple, blue, silver and crackling palms wi..
(G-954) Juggernaut 15 Shot (Case Pack: 4/1)
An inescapable force of brocade with multi-colored stars, crackling chrysanthemums and glitter with ..
(G-955) Glitterball 35 Shot (Case Pack: 4/1)
This ain’t disco. It’s rows of purple tails to brocade alternating with rows of silver g..
(G-957) Dingbats 34 Shot (Case Pack: 4/1)
Rows of gold tails to brocade with blue stars, silver glitter, and red glitter, alternating with row..
(G-958) Paparazzi 44 Shot (Case Pack: 4/1)
Framed and focused - silver swirling tails to alternating blue stars with silver flying fish, silver..
(G-959) The Big Smoke 12 Shot (Case Pack: 2/1)
Rolling out the stacks are gold willows to red then green then blue glitter followed by brocade and ..
(G-960) Good To Go 23 Shot (Case Pack: 8/1)
Fan style 500 gram repeater. Rows of red comet tails, gold flying fish, whistles, red tail to red st..
(G-961) Wind Chill 18 Shot (Case Pack: 4/1)
Fan style 500 gram repeater. A frigid blast of three icy tails to red pearls with jumbo gold palms, ..
(G-963) Night Flight 15 Shot (Case Pack: 4/1)
Brothers Pyrotechnics - Three shots at a time of gold palm tails to red, green, yellow, purple, blue..
(G-964) Way Out There 14 Shot (Case Pack: 2/1)
Brothers Pyrotechnics - Whistling tails to alternating red palms with silver glitter, gold palms wit..
(G-966) Starkeeper 14 Shot (Case Pack: 8/1)
Brothers Pyrotechnics - Out come the stars - brocade with red, green, gold, and silver glitter and b..
(G-967) Hell In A Handbasket 15 Shot (case Pack: 8/1)
Brothers Pyrotechnics - A little piece of heaven with red and green crackling flowers, whistles..
(G-969) Matchup 24 Shot (Case Pack: 4/1)
Brothers Pyrotechnics - Back and forth they battle - red, silver, green, gold glitter and crack..