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If you are overwhelmed from our huge fireworks selection then choosing any of our assortments can give you the peace of mind you need. Our assortments are not only filled with the best mix on our most demanded items, but you get those items at significantly discounted rates compared with buying them individually.

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(A-030M)   New Yorker - Maine (Case Pack:4/1)
This is the BEST SELLING pyrotechnics assortment in the United States! Includes: Roman candles, #3 c..
(A-032A)   Tube Assortment (Case Pack:3/1)
An aerial delight shell and mortar kit containing #5 thunderstorm shell, #5 red crackling shell, #5 ..
(A-033)   #200/ #300 Grucci Shells Power Pack (Case Pack:3/6)
Assorted aerial shell collection featuring six top Grucci fireworks: #200 golden willow, # 200 crown..
(A-034)   New Roman Candle Assortment (Case Pack:8/1)
Roman candle assortment featuring a package of  10 gun liling salute, 10 ball roman candle with..
(A-036)   #5 Floral Power Pack 6 Pc. (Case Pack:6/6)
Six assorted #5 Phantom Floral Shells in a kit. Blue to silver, red crackling shells, green static s..
(A-037)   Phantom-Brothers Lg. Assortment (Case Pack:1/1)
Phantom Fireworks and Brothers Pyrotechnics teamed up with the goal of making an assortment capable ..
(A-038)   Phantom-Brothers Jumbo Assortment (Case Pack:1/1)
Includes: G-049, G-097, G-101, G-215, G-222, G-256, G-318, H-123 And 2 500 Gram Repeaters. Assortmen..
(A-043)   Thunderfest Finale (Case Pack:1/1)
A special pyrotechnician-selected assortment of our best performing floral tubes and aerial repeater..
(A-046B)   Aerial Barrage (Case Pack:3/1)
An assortment of six of our best aerial repeaters loaded with outstanding effects! Includes the 90 s..
(A-048)   Phantom Mania Assortment (Case Pack:1/1)
This pyrotechnician-inspired assortment features many of our larger, exclusive items including Flash..
(A-049)   Phantom Classic '6' - 19 Shoot Repeater Assortment (Case Pack:2/6)
Phantom Classic 19 Shot Repeater assortment: Platinum Pyro-Fusion, Molotov Cocktail, Umbrella's ..
(A-474) Phantom Fire Blast Assortment (Case Pack: 2/1
Phantom Fireblast Assortment is loaded with Roman Candles, Wolfpack High Performance Shell kit, 200 ..
(A-510)   Phantom Elite Assortment (Case Pack:1/1)
Phantom Eleite Assortment. The name says it all. Standing just under 5 feet tall this huge assortmen..
(A-943) Legends 500 Gram Cake Assortment (Case Pack: 1/3)
An assortment of three Brothers Pyrotechnics Heavy Weights cakes. Legends of Bravery, Legends of Fre..
(45652) Jumbo All American Bag
(45662) All American Bag
(A-478) Phantom Fireblast