Fountains N Cones

These stationary ground based fountains will produce a magical fireworks show of color,crackle,whistles and glitter from the ground up to 12 feet (varies by item).Fountains tend to have significantely longer duration than most Aerial items and are a favorite for customers with limited shooting area.

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(E-011)   #3 Cone (Case Pack:144/1)
Sprays showers of assorted colors of sparks 5-10  feet into the air. ..
(E-015)   MT. Kilauea Cone(Case Pack:36/1)
Silver and blue flare with lazer effect. ..
(E-022)   Volcanic Vortex Cone 3 Pc. Bag (Case Pack:24/3)
One each of the Mt. Kilauea, Mt. Vesuvius and Mt. Etna fountain. Each fountain has its own individua..
(H-002)   Coral Reef (500 Gram) (Case Pack:6/1)
Beautiful panoramic finale fountain with brilliant, red, green, blue, purple, and white colors and m..
(H-003)   War Drum Fountain (500 Gram) (Case Pack:4/1)
500 gram fountain with red and silver flower, popcorn crackle with green pearls. Watch Video ..
(H-006)   Firecracker Fountain (Case Pack:40/1)
Starts with a spray of blue and gold pearls with some crackling sparks; very nice! Then the crackle ..
(H-009)   Assorted #1 Fountain T1611 (Case Pack:48/6)
Assorted #1 fountains consisting of Golden Paddy, Peacock, Tri-Color, and Silvery Glittering. &nb..
(H-017A)   Happiness Fountain, (Safe-N-Sane)(Case Pack:72/6)
Multi colored fountain with whistle and crackle. Safe-N-Sane       ..
(H-019)   Komodo 3000 Fountain, 500 Grams(Case Pack:4/1)
Spectacular 4 1/2 minute, 500 gram fountain with brilliant combos of colors, whistles and crackles p..
(H-032)   Ninety Second Crackling Assault (Case Pack:36/6)
A barrage that lasts 90 seconds and is filled with loud and pwerful crackle! Lots of effects for you..
(H-033Q Flashtron - Single PKG / PDQ (Case pack: 36/1)
Flashing with sparks with surprise crackling at the end in a PDQ display. ..
(H-035)   5'' Assortment Fountain, 6 Pack(Case Pack:48/6)
Assorted 5 inch fountains consisting of Phoenix Tail Howl, Silver Orchid, and three Color changing. ..
(H-045)   Dragon Tears (Case Pack:12/1)
Spectacular liquid burn effects with flying pearls and crackling finale. Dimensions: 7.5" X ..
(H-047B)   Jr. Cuckoo Fountain(Case Pack:72/3)
Multi color showers of glittering sparks with whistles. ..
(H-050)   Alpha Wolf Fountain (Case Pack:12/1)
Colored glow worms, rackle with purple and green, colored droplets and giant crackle finale. Watc..
(H-051)   Funky Monkey (Case Pack:12/1)
Gold chrysanthemum with red pearls, snow pine with red fish, silver flower with red pearl, crackle f..
(H-055)   HN90 Asst. Fountain 9 Inch (Case Pack: 18/4)
9 inch tall assorted fountains with Blue Stars, Golden Silver Flower, Green Willow, Peach Flower ..
(H-056)   HN89 Assorted Fountains 7 Inch (Case Pack: 18/4)
Assorted 7 inch fountains consisting of Golden Flower Blossom, Silvery Chrysanthemum, Spring Peach, ..
(H-058)   Soda Pop Fountain, 4 Pack (Case Pack:24/4)
Four flavor bottles; cherry, orange, lemon-lime and grape. Each bottle starts with a flare the color..
(H-064)   Golden Pine Forest (Case Pack:36/1)
Begins with a mixture of red sparks and unique gold flitter sparks, resembling pine needles. It is t..
(H-065)   Peacock Tail Fan (Case Pack:8/1)
(H-066)   Tijuana Tremor (Case Pack:24/1)
This fountains effects are red pearls to loud whistling to red and green to loud whistle to silver a..
(H-072)   Asst. Crackling W809 Fountain. 4 1/2 (Case Pack:144/4)
Multi effect fountain consisting of Gloriuos Flower, Lightning, Peach Garden, Willow Flower. ..
(H-081B)   Whistling Phantom, 6 Pack(Case Pack:96/6)
Loud whistling fountain. (Intense) ..
(H-085)   Appache Firedance Premier (500 Gram) (Case Pack:8/1)
3 Minute Duration With 7 Different Effects Featuring Vivid Colors, Pearls, Strobes And Crackle. W..