Reloadable Mortar Kits

Shoot like the professionals! These self-contained kits include launching tubes and a variety of high trajectory bursting aerial shells that you load individually. Effects are designed in the same style as the larger professional versions.

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(G-265) Dual Layer Cannister Shell (Case Pack: 8/12)
New Grucci assorted canister shells that feature both mine effect going up and awesome aerial b..
(G-267A)   X-3 Mortar Kit (Case Pack:6/12)
12 triple break mortar shells cover multiple color and effect combinations for a sky-filling display..
(G-270)   Gladiator, 36 Pc. Kit(Case Pack:4/36)
The Gladiator contains 36 canister, single, double and triple break mortar shells along with 4 launc..
(G-275)   Excalibur Shells, 24 Pack(Case Pack:6/24)
24 Piece powerful canister shells with assorted effects and colors. ..
(G-277) Wolfpack Color Changing Shell, 12 Piece (Case Pack: 12/12)
12 assorted color changing shells. Two pieces each, blue to red, blue to silver glitter, purple to g..
(G-290) Mad Minute (Case Pack: (2/1)
Reloadable shell kit with single, double, and triple shells. 28 shells to a kit, 58 total breaks to ..
(G-291) President Series, 76 Breaks (Case Pack: 2/1)
Brothers Pyrotechnics - 76 breaks od assorted shells. ..
(G-292) Class Act, 88 Breaks (Case Pack: 1/1)
A combination of single ball and canister, smoke-N-Mirror shells, double ball and torpedo shells, tr..
(G-293) Lucky 13, 186 Breaks (Case Pack: 1/1)
Lucky 13 shell kit has a total of 186 breaks with effects of giant flurescent green comets with mult..
(G-328) Gold Standard Canister (Case pack: 12/12)
Premium reloadable kit wih 12 unique shells. 1- green wave silver glitter 2- time rain chrysanthemum..
(G-393) Dream team, 12 Piece Shell Kit (Case Pack: 6/12)
Maximum power machine made premium artillery shells featuring precision design bursts.  Assorte..
(G-394) Continuum, 24 Piece Shell Kit (Case Pack: 4/24)
Continuum contains 24 specially designed artillery shells that allow for maximum effect with 4 launc..
(G-418) Echo In Ear (Case Pack: 12/6)
Reloadable 6 shell mortar kit with 1- golden willow to red, green, and blue with white strobe 2- mul..
(G-423) Pyronormal Experience (Case Pack: 8/6)
This reloadable kit has 12 effects in 6 double break peanut shells. ..
(G-425) Megabanger Mini 1" Canister Shells (Case Pack: 12/6)
Mini canister Mega Banger brand assorted artillery shells. ..
(G-430) Artillery Canister Shell ( Case Pack 12/6)
Artillery Canister Shell Kit comes complete with a mortar and six reloadable shells with beauti..
(G-433) Assault Squad Mortar (Case Pack: 12/12)
This Reloadable Mortar kit contains 12 shells with loud and huge bursts. 1-Red with green gl..
(G-465) Boomshakalocka Mortar Kit (Case Pack: 12/12)
Megabanger brand 12 kit mortar shells. Effects, Grass green, Orange, Ruby red, Purple, Sea blue, Lem..
(G-702)   Lock and Load Kit, 24 Pack (Case Pack:4/24)
Showtime Brand: This box containers 24 power-packed, MAXIMUM LOAD Canister Shells of which the quali..
(G-704)   Grucci Cannister Shells(Case Pack:6/6)
Six powerful cannister shell effects; 1) purple, green and yellow dahlia: 2) blue dahlia/white strob..
(G-733) Pro Canister Shell (Case Pack: 6/24)
Canister shell kit with 24 different effects. 1- red willow light blue and light yellow 2- red willo..
(G-801)   Mini-Bomb Artillery Shell, 6 Pc.(Case Pack:12/6)
6 piece reloadable mortar kit. See bonus chart for more details. ..
(G-815A)   Ultimate 4th Shell Show Kit(Case Pack:6/18)
Six super single effect shells, 3 giant double effect shells and 18 powerful 1.5" canister shel..
(G-900) Gone Ballistic Shells (Case Pack: 4/24)
Assorted reloadable shell kit with Twelve double breaks and twelve triple breaks. ..
(G-990) Rubicon Shells (Case Pack: 12 Kits)
Brothers Pyrotechnics BP-AO55 Eighty-eight shells - single, double and triple-break canister an..