500 Gram Repeaters

Ultimate in pyro-aerial action. One fuse ignites long barrages of spectacular timed bursts with vivid colors and professional show style effects. Maximum powder weights permitted by law.

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(G-403) Phenomena 26 Shot (Case Pack: 4/1)
Phenomena is a 26 shot 500 gram repeater with a mixture of stunning green brocades, high whistling, ..
(G-404A) Solid Gold, 30 Shot (Case Pack: 4/1)
Solid gold is just that. Six flights of solid gold brocade mines to gold brocades with gold stats. ..
(G-405) Witchcraft, 32 Shot (Case Pack: 2/1)
Unique high arcing red and green comets are separated with 3 volleys: 1. Brocade with silver strobe..
(G-409) Out With A Bang 295 Shot (Case Pack: 1/1)
A big build up with Z shaped alternating rows of silver wave to blue stars, gold comet tails and cra..
(G-410) Megawatt, 295 Shot (Case Pack: 1/1)
Charged with alternating rows of red stars, silver stars, blue stars, red stars to crackling, silver..
(G-411) Parrots Prattle, 36 Shot (Case Pack: 4/1)
A Brothers 500 Gram Repeater: The colorful and noisy chattering of 36 birds whistling in red an..
(G-412) Wind Up, 36 Shot (Case Pack: 4/1)
Wind Up is a 36 shot high-performance 500 gram piece from Brothers. Consists of red tails, multicolo..
(G-414) Palm Pyro Pageantry Premiere, 25 Shot (Case Pack: 2/1)
Angled red comets shoot back and forth bursting into red or green tipped palm trees with silver stro..
(G-417) Seismic Zone, 30 Shot (Case Pack: 2/1)
Perfectly timed 5 effect two tier mine and aerial burst featuring crackling mines with red peony/sil..
(G-428) Rowdy Ride 185 Shot (Case Pack: 1/1)
A wild Z-shaped ride of alternating silver crackling comet tails to peach, lemon and sea blue stars...
(G-436) Sunshine State 20 Shot (Case Pack: 4/1)
Are you in the mood for something orangetastic? Try white strobe mine to orange dahlias with white s..
(G-714) Deep Impact, 9 Shot (Case Pack: 4/1)
Megabanger brand, 500 gram class, 9 powerful shots of sky blue with silver strobe, purple and green ..
(G-717) Wild, 16 Shot (Case Pack: 4/1)
Mega Banger Brand - 16 shot seablue, red and silver dahlia and silver chrysanthemum, seablue, r..
(G-723) Just Bad, 16 Shot (Case Pack: 4/1)
Mega Banger Brand - The round brocade crown always changes to red, green or blue pearls on the ..
(G-814) Voodoo Devils, 30 Shot (Case Pack: 4/1)
Volleys of gold brocade finger mines burst into brocades with alternating red, green and blue pearl ..
(G-903) Uncle Sams Answer 16 shot (Case Pack: 4/1)
Golden stars and crackling bouquets reflect the richness; multi-colored bouquets reflect the diversi..
(G-904) Over The Line 22 Shot (Case Pack: 4/1)
Is this one over the line? Red and green palms with blue pearls, silver glitter and chrysanthemums, ..
(G-928) Riding Shotgun 25 Shot Case Pack: 6/1)
This 500 gram cake has blue tails to red palms with delayed crackling, blue tails to green palms wit..
(G-929) Big Top 42 Shot (Case Pack: 6/1)
Rows of alternating red, white, and blue tails to red, white and blue stars with rows of alternating..
(G-930) Double Double 42 Shot (Case Pack: 6/1)
A double of double rows with double the finale - rows one and three being red tails to white glitter..
(G-932) The Whole Shebang 18 Shot (Case Pack: 2/1)
THE WHOLE SHEBANG: Crackling comet tails to alternating blue stars and silver flying fish. Red and b..
(G-933) Uber Good 74 Shot (Case Pack: 2/1)
An über good and über varied show blue stars silver flying fish and silver whirling dragon..
(G-934) Amped 37 Shot (Case Pack: 4/1)
Crank the amps. Feel the current. Yellow tails to gold then red willows, silver comet tails to gold ..
(G-935) Giga-Gorgeous 38 Shot (Case Pack: 4/1)
This 500g cake is a giga-gorgeous show of white glittering tails to white glitter alternating with g..
(G-936) Combat Zone 210 Shot (Case Pack: 2/1)
Caught in the middle of the action, a crisscross barrage of red and green stars. 210 SHOTS. Fan Styl..