500 Gram Repeaters

Ultimate in pyro-aerial action. One fuse ignites long barrages of spectacular timed bursts with vivid colors and professional show style effects. Maximum powder weights permitted by law.

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(G-305) Hydrogen Bomb, 36 Shot (Case Pack: 4/1)
This 36 shot Brothers Heavy Weights 500 gram cake is a mushroom cloud of colored mines and multi-col..
(G-306)   Amped, 25 Shot (Case Pack:4/1)
25 shot mine with aerial combination with gold brocade tails and brocade waves, red to blue pearls, ..
(G-307)   Pulsating Super Cluster, 16 Shot (Case Pack:4/1)
Brilliant red, silver, green and gold strobes with an electric crackle finale! Watch Video Here ..
(G-311)   Prismatica, 24 Shot (Case Pack:4/1)
Rainbow, orange, gold, green, pink and blue dahlia flower pattern bursts with mine effect. Watch ..
(G-312) Three Pronged Attack (Case Pack: 2/1)
6 Ground to sky barrages, 3 with gold brocade comets. Silver strobe mines. Brocades with silver st..
(G-314)   Big Red One, 12 Shot (Case Pack:4/1)
Vibrant Cardinal red pearls & stars with silver strobes, crackle, green strobes and awesome crac..
(G-315)   Stellar Storm, 12 Shot (Case Pack:4/1)
Brilliant red and ocean blue dahlia. Bursts with twinking white glitter. Watch Video Here ..
(G-316)   Swash Buckler, 72 Shot (Case Pack:2/1)
Brilliant red plum blossoms illuminate sky and finish with red brocade finale! Watch Video Here ..
(G-320)   Beehive Barrage, 78 Shot (Case Pack:2/1)
Blue pearls rise of red, green, silver and golden bees with fantastic glitter finale barrage. Wat..
(G-327) Survivor, 25 Shot (Case Pack: 4/1)
25 shots of gold crackling comets rise to giant crackling palms with green, blue and purple tips and..
(G-330) Bored And stoked, 12 Shot (Case Pack: 6/1)
This Pyro Planet 12 shot is LOUD! Consisting of triple whistling tails, strobing color stars, crackl..
(G-332)   Autumn Storm, 25 Shot(Case Pack:2/1)
Blue and silver mines coupled with bright silver tourbillion comets lead into a beautiful falling le..
(G-349) License To Thrill, 12 Shot (Case Pack: 2/1)
Spectacular breaks of blue jellyfish, red willows/silver palms, blue to silver glitter and purple st..
(G-357)   750 Shot Saturn Battery(Case Pack:2/1)
The biggest saturn missile on the market! Combined effects with first 450 shots of whistling tails &..
(G-362) American Celebration 12 Shot (Case Pack: 4/1)
This 500 gram features very nice red, white and blue peony breaks. ..
(G-370)   Sexy Rider, 9 Shot(Case Pack:4/1)
A 500 gram with a ton of noise! This loud repeater features red, green, white and blue peony breaks...
(G-371)   Chopper, 12 Shot(Case Pack:4/1)
With the noise of a chopper this 500 gram features red, green and yellow chrysanthemum breaks with a..
(G-373)   Heavy Heavy Fuel, 12 Shot (Case Pack:2/1)
Spectacular long lasting 12 shot gold brocades hang in the sky with alternating red and blue pearl t..
(G-389)   New World Order, 9 Shot (Case Pack:2/1)
9 shots of giant bursts of red waves with silver glitter and crackling starr. ..
(G-391)   Sons of Liberty, 36 Shot (Case Pack:4/1)
2 level performance with gold and blue mines to gold bursts and red glitter, then gold brocade with ..
(G-392) Bold Colors, 20 Shot (Case pack: 4/1
Awesome golden brocade bursts with red, white and blue glittering tails and a timed finale barrage.&..
(G-396) Here Comes Da Judge, 24 Shot (Case pack: 4/1)
As screaming glittering mines rise up, beautiful palm tree breaks with crackling centers illuminate ..
(G-397) Kaleidoscopic, 25 Shot (Case Pack: 4/1)
Kaleidoscopic is a 25-shot 500-gram multi-shot that consists of double breaks, whistling tails, red,..
(G-399) Sound And Light Show, 213 Shot (Case Pack: 1/1)
Sound and Light Show by Brothers is a 213 shot of pure enjoyment! With a wide spraying effect of mul..
(G-400) Sizzlin Skyburst 32 Shot (Case Pack: 2/1)
4 crackling strobe mine barrages are followed by 1. Reg/gold with silver strobes. 2. Red/white/blu..