500 Gram Repeaters

Ultimate in pyro-aerial action. One fuse ignites long barrages of spectacular timed bursts with vivid colors and professional show style effects. Maximum powder weights permitted by law.

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(G-080)   Vertical Velocity, 30 Shot(Case Pack:4/1)
This 30-shot repeater shoots strong and high to a double brocade crown, with a crackling tail, which..
(G-081)   Split Decision, 12 Shot(Case Pack:2/1)
12 huge angled shots of split (half & half) effects, features purple&yellow, green&red, ..
(G-085)   Mega Mojo, 30 Shot (Case Pack:4/1)
The 30-shot Mega Mojo has three repeating effects: A blue tail to a red and blue break with crackle;..
(G-086)   Tropic Thunder, 30 Shot(Case Pack:4/1)
30-shot finale featuring huge golden palms with blue and green stars and crackling willow finale. ..
(G-090)   Hypersonic X-Celerator, 18 Shot(Case Pack:2/1)
A multi-tube 500-gram aerial, the Hypersonic X-Celerator fires off its 18 shots in 50 seconds. The s..
(G-102)   Rain of Fire Premiere, 36 Shot (Case Pack:4/1)
36 shots of a bright blue tail leading up to a vibrant red palm effect with a crackling center  ..
(G-108)   Christmas in July, 25 Shot (Case Pack:4/1)
Brilliant ruby red and sky blue stars with glitter. Also features green & orange pearls and lemo..
(G-109)   Thunder Mountain, 33 Shot (Case Pack:3/1)
Simultaneous volleys of glitter palms, gold rain and red and blue stars. The first five shots fire o..
(G-110)   Wickedly Awesome,115 Shot (Case Pack:1/1)
Our Z-style aerial repeater fires the 115-shot Wickedly Awesome across a wide expanse of the sky. Th..
(G-115)   King Midas Touch, 16 Shot (Case Pack:8/1)
Gold tail to red, purple and aqua blue stars with colored glitter, 4 shot finale of gold comet stars..
(G-122)   Attitude Adjustment, 12 Shot (Case Pack:2/1)
12 shot, 2" brocade, gold willow to red, purple peony, silver chrysanthemum/crackle, gold willo..
(G-127)   Red-Flash Reactor, 25 Shot (Case Pack:4/1)
Spectacular display of red glitter comets to red flashing strobes and red glitter willows…&he..
(G-128)   The Beast Unleashed, 95 Shot(Case Pack:1/1)
The Beast Unleashed offers 95 shots of really fast pearl effects that alternate rows of red, white a..
(G-136)   Fortress Of Fire, 15 Shot (Case Pack:3/1)
Fantastic performance! The Fortress of Fire features rows of angled shots that spread out the explos..
(G-140)   Live Free or Die, 21 Shot (Case Pack:4/1)
Seven panoramic fan effects shoot three tubes at a time to create spectacular looks.Live Free Or Die..
(G-148)   Phantom Man-O-War, 12 Shot (Case Pack:2/1)
Phantom Man-O-War offers 12 giant shots in panoramic trajectories featuring glittery willows in gold..
(G-149)   Pyro Propulsion, 86 Shot (Case Pack:2/1)
88 shot barrage with assorted colors propelling comets and crackling rain barrages. Watch Video H..
(G-151)   Crown Brocade Classic, 30 Shot (Case Pack:4/1)
This 500 gram gold classic has gold brocade mines shooting up from the ground and giant weeping gold..
(G-155)   High Performance Display, Grucci, 33 Shot (Case Pack:3/1)
The High Performance Display is 500 powerful grams of green glitter, gold crackle flying fish and fa..
(G-157)   Cirque De Pyrotechnique, 20 Shot (Case Pack:2/1)
The edge shots in the four rows of the Cirque de Pyrotechnique have big, crackling chrysanthemums to..
(G-159)   Pyrotechnic Pulverizer, 33 Shot (Case Pack:3/1)
The Pyrotechnic Pulverizer is a powerful 500-gram repeater with professionally designed effects feat..
(G-160)   X-9 Panoramic Finale, 9 Shot (Case Pack:2/1)
Huge finale bursts timed and angled for panoramic effect; 15 second duration with red to green wave,..
(G-161)   Guns Of Navaronne, 12 Shot (Case Pack:2/1)
As the name implies, the Guns of Navaronne offers 12 big shots that propel heavy pyrotechnic loads o..
(G-167)   Military Demolitions, 36 Shot (Case Pack:4/1)
A long-time Phantom Fireworks standout, the Military Demolitions Ordnance has a number of different ..
(G-178)   Wicked Willows, 16 Shot (Case Pack:6/1)
16 sots of whistling color tails to willow-white glitter, willow and red stars-brocade and green gli..