200 Gram Repeaters

Each multi-shot repeater is it's own aerial extravaganza with the lighting of a single fuse. Beautiful color bursts and effects that can be accompanied with whistles, crackles or loud reports.

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(G-095)   Falcon Rising, 25 Shot (Case Pack:12/1)
This large bird rises with SUPER crackling color bursts and finishes with a wild finale barrage. Fea..
(G-097)   Atomic Afterglow, 25 shot (Case Pack:12/1)
25 shots of green pearls that whip open with a spinning plate effect plus white spinning dragons. ..
(G-099)   Red, White, and Boom, 16 Shot (Case Pack:18/1)
The performance alternates between three types of shots: a red pearl goes up and ends in a red peony..
(G-101)   Wild West, 25 Shot (Case Pack:12/1)
The Wild West shoots five volleys of five different colors and effects. Effects include: red and whi..
(G-104)   Phantasm II, 16 Shot (Case Pack:12/1)
16 shot with red, green, blue & purple pearls rising to same color with chrysanthemum burst. ..
(G-112)   Flying Stars, 88 Shot (Case Pack:12/1)
88 shots with green flying stars (green tails), then red flying stars (red tails) and a brocade crow..
(G-113)   Colortopia, 25 Shot (Case Pack:12/1)
This cake is appropriately named! Blue comets quickly rising with alternating red-green stars and cr..
(G-114)   Palm Pyro-Pageantry, 19 Shot (Case Pack:8/1)
A beautiful firework: 19 shots of red, green, white and yellow palm trees with crackling. ..
(G-121)   Warbirds, 7 Shot (Case Pack:6/1)
Each shot is amazing in its height, color and break size! Featuring; red to crackling flower, green ..
(G-123)   Powercell, 25 Shot (Case Pack:12/1)
Red mine with red wave, green mine with green wave, white mine with white wave, blue mine with blue ..
(G-125)   Rain of Fire, 16 Shot (Case Pack:8/1)
The Rain of Fire starts with red pearls going up, then huge bursts into a red palm tree floral with ..
(G-131)   Gatling Gun, 90 Shot (Case Pack:12/1)
90 shots of wild action of assorted color bursts with firecrackers.       ..
(G-133C)   Molotov Cocktail, 19 Shot (Case Pack:8/1)
Loud crackling bursts lead off with long-lasting greens stars, turning into gold hanging w..
(G-139C)   Raptor, 19 Shot (Case Pack:8/1)
The Raptor propels 19 shots of spectacular silver crackling comets, followed by aerial spinners and ..
(G-141)   Gunner Mates, 9 Shot (Case Pack:24/1)
9 shot silver comet tails break open with red, green and yellow stars with crackle. ..
(G-147)   Triton's Tempest, 16 Shot (Case Pack:8/1)
Multi-level repeater has richly crackling comets that blend together into a large colorful mines. Fi..
(G-158)   Halley's Comet, 9 Shot (Case Pack:48/1)
9 shots of white glittering comets.       ..
(G-165)   Emerald City, 16 Shot (Case Pack:24/1)
A MUST SEE ITEM! • A lot of power in a small package. Green and gold chrysanthemum with glitter..
(G-177)   Powerplay, 25 Shot (Case Pack:12/1)
25 shots of red, white, and green glitter tails rise to crackle, glitter and whistle effects. ..
(G-207)   Beehive, 61 Shot (Case Pack:12/1)
61 shots of white and gold glittering comets with buzzing bee effects. ..
(G-209)   Whistle Whirl Floral, 61 Shot (Case Pack:12/1)
A 200 gram repeater of 61 shots of whistling and whirling multi color bursts.     ..
(G-216A)   HN68 Phantom Florals (Case Pack:18/2)
4 assorted shells consisting of Green Bamboo, Yellow Bee's, Big Snow, and Cloud Dragon.  ..
(G-224C)   Swarming Skeeters, 19 Shot (Case Pack:8/1)
19 great breaks of alternating red and green swarms of wild flying mosquitoes (fish effect.) This is..
(G-226)   Silvery Eagle, 61 Shot (Case Pack:12/1)
A 200 gram repeater of 61 silver shots racing towards the sky. ..
(G-227C)   Solar Explosion, 19 Shot (Case Pack:8/1)
19 shots of bright strobing comets rise up into giant pulsating chrysanthemum bursts with colorful s..